PowerMax-USB LM-200 (12V DC) Power Sensor

PowerMax-USB LM-200 (12V DC) Power Sensor

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USB-enabled, 100 mW to 200W fan-cooled laser power sensor with beam position sensing, 0.25 to 10.6 µm spectral range, 19 mm diameter active area. 

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Fan-cooled thermopile for measuring pulsed & CW lasers up to 200W with beam position measurement. Fan is powered by a 12V DC power supply (included). Direct USB interface.

Key Features:

·      100 mW to 200W range

·      19 mm diameter active area

·      Beam position measurement

·      Spectrally flat broadband coating

·      0.25 to 10.6 µm spectral range

·      Fan-cooled

·      Fiber adapters available

·      Direct USB interface

·      ISO 17025 accredited

This PowerMax-USB LM-200 sensor is terminated in a USB cable that interfaces directly to a PC. A 12V DC power supply and cord are included to power the fan.

A DB25 model (PN 2290159) is available.

SMA fiber adapter (PN 1098589) and FC/PC fiber adapter (PN 1098339) accessories are available when used with a 1.035-40M Adapter Ring (PN 33-9432-000).

These unique position-sensing thermopiles display the position of the incident beam on the sensor disk in addition to measuring power. This information allows the user to safely and precisely align the sensor, and the beam is measured. This is particularly useful for non-visible beams.