LabMax Touch Pro - Laser Power and Energy Meter

LabMax Touch Pro - Laser Power and Energy Meter

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Laser power and energy meter with 7” touchscreen LCD. Trending, tuning, statistics, and data logging; Ethernet, USB and RS232 PC interfaces; analog output, external trigger input/output and TTL output. 25 kHz pulsed pyroelectric sampling rate. 10 Hz to 10 MHz sample rate with PowerMax-Pro sensors.

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The Coherent LabMax Touch Pro represents a culmination of our extensive track record in providing precision power meters engineered to endure the demanding environments of both factory floors and laboratory settings.

This state-of-the-art laser power and energy measurement instrument system offers a comprehensive suite of data acquisition and analysis functionalities, seamlessly accessible through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

You can effortlessly access measurement data and analytics, including statistical analysis, trending, tuning, histogram generation, and beam position information, all achieved through a few simple gestures on the touchscreen.

Key Features of the Coherent LabMax Touch Pro:

High-Speed Sampling:

  • 25 kHz with pyroelectric energy sensors.
    • 10 Hz with thermopile and optical sensors.
    • 10 Hz to 1 MHz (user-adjustable) with PowerMax-Pro sensors.
    • Pro model includes onboard pulse analytics with PowerMax-Pro sensors.

7” Touchscreen Display with LED Backlight.

Li-ion Battery for Portability.

Multiple Connectivity Options:

  • Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 PC interfaces.
    • Two Type A USB ports for flash drives or external mouse.
    • HDMI output port for duplicating the display screen on an external monitor.
    • Trigger input.
    • Analog, Trigger, and TTL outputs.

ISO 17025 Calibration for Precision Assurance.

Compatibility with All Coherent Catalog Power and Energy Sensors.

Seamless Integration with Coherent Meter Connection PC Software.

Windows 11 Compatibility.

Direct Host Command Support for OEM Integration.

The LabMax Touch Pro offers complete compatibility with the extensive range of Coherent laser power and energy sensors, encompassing thermopile, pyroelectric, semiconductor sensors, and our unique PowerMax-Pro sensors. With exceptional speed, boasting sampling rates of up to 25 kHz for pyroelectric detectors and up to 1 MHz with our PowerMax-Pro sensors, it enables precise pulse shape characterization of high-power lasers.

This versatility equips users with a tool capable of delivering highly accurate, traceable measurements for applications spanning nanowatt CW lasers to multi-kilowatt pulsed industrial lasers.


Owner's Manuals
Owner's Manuals



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External Trigger Input
Battery Operation
Maximum Pyroelectric Rep. Rate (pulses per second)
Calibration Uncertainty (%)(k=2)
Thermopile sensor compatibility
Optical sensor compatibility
Pyroelectric sensor compatibility
PowerMax-Pro sensor compatibility
Measurement Range
Sensor dependent (reference sensor specifications)
Accuracy - System
Meter accuracy + sensor accuracy
Accuracy - Analog Output
±0.04% (25% to full scale), ±0.26% (5% to 25% of full scale), ±1% (min to 5% of full scale)
Power Sampling Rate
10 Hz thermopile and optical, 10 Hz to 10 MHz (user adjustable) with PowerMax-Pro
Ethernet Interface
USB Interface
RS232 Interface
Analog output
Analog Output
0 to 1, 2, or 4 VDC (selectable)
7” TFT LCD with LED backlight, 1024 x 600 pixels.
External and internal trigger (selectable)
Statistical Analysis
Min., max., mean, range, standard deviation. Trend charting, tuning, positional display, and analysis of beam stability. Pro model adds pulse width, detailed temporal shape analysis, and pulse energy integration with PowerMax-Pro sensors.
Size (H x W x D)
238 x 162 x 51 mm (9.4 x 6.4 x 2.0 in.)
1.19 kg (2.6 lbs.)
Instrument Power
12VDC - center positive; (90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC power adapter included)
Computer Interface
Ethernet, USB, RS-232, PC application
CE, RoHS, WEEE, ISO 17025

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