BeamMaster-USB System BM-3 (InGaAs)

BeamMaster-USB System BM-3 (InGaAs)

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Knife-edge beam profiler; 3 mm circular with 3 knife edges; profiles beams down to 3 µm, InGaAs detector with 800 to 1800 nm spectral range.

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Laser Beam Diagnostics system includes a knife-edge profiler, USB interface module, and beam diagnostics software.

Key Features:

  • 3 knife edge beam scanning system
  • 3 mm square aperture
  • Enhanced Silicon detector
  • 800 to 1800 nm spectral range
  • 1 µm resolution for beams >100 µm in size
  • - 0.1 µm resolution for beams <100 µm in size
  • Measures beam sizes down to 3 µm
  • CW operation only

BeamMaster-USB BM-3 InGaAs is a high-precision multiple knife-edge scanning laser beam profiler that can measure focused spots as small as 3 microns from 800 to 1800 nm. This model incorporates a 3 mm diameter InGaAs detector.

The BM-3 model uses three individual knife-edges on a rotating drum to scan the beam through three different axes in a single rotation. The beam shape and dimensions are calculated by combining data from the three scans to reconstruct a profile of the beam.


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Active Area Size
3 mm (diameter)
Power Range
10µW to 1W
Active Area Diameter
3 mm
Recommended Beam Size
15 microns to 2 mm
Wavelength Range
800 nm to 1800 nm
Profiler Type
Knife-edge (CW Only)
Wavelength Range (micrometers)
.8 to 1.8
Capture Modes
CW Lasers Only
Beam Width Measurement Accuracy (%)
Beam Size Resolution
1 µm for beams >100 µm in size (0.1 µm for beams <100 µm in size)
Minimum Beam Size (micrometers)
Position Measurement Accuracy (micrometers)
Position Measurement Resolution (micrometers)
Sensor Aperture
3 mm circular