CUBE Interface Cable, Quattro

CUBE Interface Cable, Quattro

SKU 1072166
UOM Each

For CUBE Laser, connects laser to the following: Power cable, I/O Interface Control cable, RS-232 Serial cable, Control Box (Keyswitch, Analog Modulation and Interlock)

Price $170.00 USD


The CUBE Interface Cable connects to the back of the CUBE Laser with a DE-15 connection. 

The CUBE Interface Cable offers four separate cable connections for the power and accessories. 

Cable Signals and Cable length:

·      Power Supply cable, 305 mm (12 in.)

·      RS-232 cable, 419 mm (16.5 in.)

·      Control Box cable, 254 mm (10 in.). Control Box sold separately, # 1039966

·      I/O Interface Control cable, 356 mm (14 in.). Mating 8-pin I/O Interface cable sold separately, # 1103937

One each of the 1072166 CUBE interface Cable included with each CUBE Laser System.